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Kwai Tsing | On Pak House

葵青 | 安泊樓

HOS 居屋 / Public Housing 公屋 | 350 sq.ft.

The living room and kitchen are in the owner's favorite sapphire blue as the main color, simple but not losing the sense of fashion . Glass display cabinets and the design of the interior glass windows echo, so that the space is transparent and full of sunshine . Bedroom through the floor, and extended to the living room area, forming a two-level floor. In addition to the storage space in the bedroom, the living room is also provided with a line of TV cabinets and storage cabinets. The built-in closet in the bedroom with concealed handles is simple, durable and enlarges the space. The bathroom adopts the black-white-gray color that the man loves, and the pure black sliding door guarantees privacy and a sense of high class at the same time.


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