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Kowloon City | Parc Oasis

九龍城 | 又一居

Private Housing 私人屋苑 | 560 sq.ft.

The unit combines natural wood with low-saturation sky blue for a harmonious color palette. The leather marshmallow sofa in the living room is soft to the touch, and the fatigue of resting here is instantly dissipated. The design of the cabinets in the whole house is quite innovative, and the designers have abandoned the pulls and sharp corners to demonstrate the minimalist lifestyle. In addition, the lighting in the whole house is warm and healing, and the TV backdrop and cabinets are embedded with warm light strips, so that the residents can enjoy the cozy time immediately when they walk into the house. The main lighting in the living room consists of a cloud and moon chandelier, which adds a lot of fun to the home.


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